About A Man & His Chickpeas

Some people think a man and some chickpeas doesn’t add up to much but O’Dang, would they be mistaken. It started as healthy eating for home, but the moment Jesse’s hummus slipped out to the people, the response was an overwhelming wave of “this is ridiculously good.” Met with a chance to put his homemade product to the test in an entrepreneurial competition called The Joust, with just thirty-six hours to prepare, Jesse’s nontraditional take on a traditional dish swept the competition. It was this kind of validation that had Jesse saying:

"I want to be the "Willy Wonka" of hummus, creating flavors that the rest of the market is to afraid to try. The people want crazy flavors like Buffalo Wing, Pizza, Nacho Cheese, and even Dessert Hummus! We're going to change the game... ONE BITE AT A TIME!" - Jesse Wolfe
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